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Glenmore Records Studio is fully equipped to accommodate everything from solo artists to full rock bands.

The studio features one large, primary recording room, and a separate control room. Artists are free to record all instruments separately or live-off-the-floor. The studio can accommodate both methods.

Our facility also features an in-house drum kit and guitar amp mic'd and ready to go.

Rate: $30/hour


No press kit is complete without some professional, sleek photographs.

Whether it's album art, posters or website design, Glenmore Records provides a great looking image at any budget.

Contact us with your vision.


Glenmore Records brings professional quality, HD video to all of its artists.

Once you've recorded that great song, a professional-looking music video can catapult it to life.

Glenmore Records will help bring your video from idea to reality.


The average person is bombarded daily with event invitations. The majority of these receive a 'maybe attending' and are often never read.

The real key to peaking interest in your prospective audience is by showcasing professionally edited HD video advertising.

Whether it's a commercial, a short promo, or a featured interview on our channel, Glenmore Records will give your promotions that professional edge they've been missing.


Our shows are well promoted, well publicized and, consequently, well attended.

We are constantly searching for new acts to feature on our bills. Every showcase is structured differently, but all present an opportunity for a hard-working artist to build their fan base and earn a paying gig.

Got a CD release coming up? Glenmore Records can also be hired to organise your next big event.


Do you want to capture that one, great, live performance? Is it time to release that long awaited live album?

Let us bring the studio to you!

Let Glenmore Records help you capture the energy and excitement that you bring to the stage; all in professionally recorded, mixed and mastered audio.

Video recording is also available.



- Cubase 5
- Izotope Ozone
- Sony CD Architect
- Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9
- FL Studio 11

- 2 MOTU 8pre's
- Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
- ART Pre-amp (Model 215)
- 7 Shure SM57's
- Rode NT1
- AKG D112
- Sennheiser MD421 II
- 2 Apex 185 Pencil Mics

- Pearl Export Drum Kit
- Traynor Iron Horse


contact: / 647-704-MORE (6673)